What is Reputation on Avalanche Hub and how to earn it?

What is Reputation?

Avalanche Hub, the community platform of Avalanche, keeps focusing on great educational content and therefore, “Reputation” is now officially introduced to ensure these core principles.
On your Avalanche Hub Account, section Dashboard, you can see your “Reputation”:

Reputation is meant to be a metric to evaluate the participants knowledge and quality of contributions.

Reputation points are required to participate in advanced tasks because Avalanche wants to ensure high quality for all submissions.
If you don’t have Reputation points, you can only participate in basic tasks which won’t earn many Avalanche Hub points. Earn reputation and you can join the advanced tasks where many Avalanche Hub points will be given.

How can participants earn Reputation?

Reputation can be earned on Avalanche Hub Telegram () where moderators will organize quizzes to prove your knowledge. They will ask questions about different topics of Avalanche (general, technical or historical etc.) and participants can get Reputation points for correct answers.

Make sure, to link your Telegram account in your profile as described in First steps on Avalanche Hub or it won’t be possible to receive your Reputation points on your Avalanche Hub account.

You can also earn reputation by submitting high-quality content from tasks where you are already eligible to participate.

Each task will show you how many Reputation points you need to join:

1) Reputation reward for a succesful participation, 2) Required Reputation to join

Great sources of knowledge

So, keep in mind, it is very important to be informed, read educational content and follow Avalanche news. In addition to Reputation, your content will increase its quality when you have all the background knowledge of Avalanche. Learning about Avalanche is essential because quality always matters, not quantity!

Here you can find the most important sources of knowledge:


AVA Hub Medium:
AVA Labs Medium:

Technical guides:

Avalanche 101: An Overview of the Internet of Finance

Avalanche Consensus 101:

Avalanche whitepapers:

Avalanche documentation:

Learning and educating are essential to present Avalanche’s outstanding potential to everyone!

Need help / have questions? You can always ask in Telegram ()

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