How to convert Avalanche Hub points to AVAX

It is possible to exchange your earned Avalanche Hub points and receive original AVAX coins. Just follow the steps below to convert Avalanche Hub points to AVAX:

1. At first, you need to go to your profile:

2. In your profile, you need to submit your personal AVAX wallet, where your rewards should be sent to:

You can create a wallet at
Make sure to note your mnemonic phrase in a secured place and never share it.
It is not recommended to use an exchange address because it’s much safer to use a personal address where you have access to the mnemonic phrase.

3. After submitting your address in your profile, you can go to the “Marketplace” section and select “AVAX tokens” => “Claim Now”:

You can decide how many Avalanche Hub points you want to convert to AVAX. 1 Avalanche Hub point is equal to 0.01 USD. As a reference, price will be set to the AVAX market price when you exchange your Avalanche Hub points to AVAX. You need at least 2,000 Avalanche Hub points to convert your Avalanche Hub points to AVAX.
For example, if you want to exchange 2,500 Avalanche Hub points (25$), you’ll receive 6.25 AVAX at a market price of 4.00$ per AVAX.

4. After you have made your decision how much you want to exchange, click “Yes, claim it”.

5. After you’ve claimed it, Avalanche Hub will ask you to submit KYC, level depending on how many Avalanche Hub points you want to exchange to AVAX. You can submit KYC in the KYC section.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Amazon Gift cards.

6. Your claimed AVAX will be sent to your address shortly, payouts are processed weekly. You can watch your active claims in “My Claims”:

7. Done

Need help / have questions? You can always ask in Telegram (

Tutorial for Avalanche Hub